current buddies

Agatha Agatha, Husky/German Shepard
Alice Alice, Bulldog
Bear Bear, Shepard mix
Cash Cash, Boston Terrier
Bodhi Bodhi, German Shepard
Charlie Charlie, Terrier mix
Chico Chico, Pit Bull
Dash Dash, Golden Retriever
Everest Everest, Terrier mix
Fritz Fritz, Terrier mix
Gus Gus, Terrier mix
Gunner Gunner, German Shorthair Pointer
Klaus Klaus, Labrador Retriever
Kyah Kyah, Australian Cattle Dog mix
Mattie Mattie, Australian Shepard
Mindy Mindy, Coonhound mix
Nico Nico, Labrador Retriever
Opie Opie, Labrador Retriever mix
Pickle Pickle, Cairn/Westie
Prince Prince, Greyhound
Rainy Rainy, Pit Bull/German Shorthair Pointer
Simon Simon, Chihuahua mix
Ripley Ripley, Doberman Pinscher
Ruthie Ruthie, Catahoula mix
Sammy Sammy, Maltese
Taz Taz, Tibetan Terrier

occasional buddies

Daisy Daisy, Labrador mix
Duffy Duffy, Pit Bull mix
Otis Otis, Bulldog/Boxer
Riley Riley, Golden Retriever/Poodle
Romeo Romeo, Dalmatian



I want you to know how much I appreciate the great job you do as pack leader and caretaker for Kyah. I know I've given you some of her background as a rescued stray. She came to me emotionally broken and when I first brought her home, she would crawl on her belly to come to me. She was afraid of other dogs and men too and stuck with me like glue at the park. I've had her for two years now and the transformation is remarkable. I know that her pack walks have made a difference. I see how her confidence has grown when we go to the park or walk in the neighborhood. She is happy to meet other dogs and trots up to strangers who look like they might have treats in their pockets :-) I truly appreciate your dog intuition and skill with working with a dog who could be damaged if treated without a good sense of what's needed. In choosing Dogs Dig Walking, I was very particular about putting Kyah into the hands of someone who could handle a sensitive dog and help build her confidence - and you are so well qualified. I am gratified to see what once was a nervous and serious little dog turn into a happy, playful, and loyal companion. And you have played a role in that.
- Loila M.


Thank you for walking Simba and spending time with him this past year - it was a great relief to me - and I loved the pictures you posted of him and all of the other dogs. Your consistent and reliable service was greatly appreciated.
- Amy O.


We have been extremely happy with Dogs Dig Walking! Our dog loves going for walks with Jenny - and especially loves the homemade treats! Jenny is great at communicating if she is running late or giving notice if she is taking a vacation or is home sick. She also would send us messages if she noticed our dog (who is fairly old) was walking slow, had a limp, or if there was anything that was out of the ordinary that we might want to look into. We fully trust Jenny with our dog and access to our house. We would recommend Dogs Dig Walking to anyone who is looking for a service that will take great care of your pet.
- Jon S.

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