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Are you a weekend warrior?

In the dog service business, "weekend warrior" is the term for those of us whose schedules keep us busy from early morning to well into the evening on weekdays. The result is that our primary window for taking out our dogs is the weekend.
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The 7 habits of highly effective pooches

What is it about dogs that makes them so adorable and fun to have around? It boils down to seven habits.
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Canicross (running on a line behind your dog) and bikejor (cycling ditto) both provide great exercise and fun together time for humans and dogs.
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Hearing loss in dogs

Most senior dogs suffer some hearing loss and many eventually go deaf. When you become aware of your dog’s impaired hearing, it’s important to start making accommodations.
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Dog in the spotlight:

Pomeranians, also known as Poms or Pom Poms, are Spitz-type dogs (called Dwarf Spitzes in some countries), named for a region in Central Europe. Energetic, thick-coated, alert, and easy to fit into any size living room, Poms are a popular family addition throughout much of the world. In fact, one famous Pom enjoys the kind of popularity celebrities dream of: Boo the Facebook phenomenon has two million fans and a book deal—all for being mind-bendingly cute. Not the fastest pup in the pack, Poms can nonetheless enjoy training challenges like small-dog agility and flyball. Still, couch time with two-legged friends is top of a Pom’s wish list. Understandably, these decorative companions have been a favorite of royalty (Queen Victoria), painters (Thomas Gainsborough), literary greats (James Boswell), and modern icons of pop culture (Paris Hilton, Jessica Alba, Nicole Richie, etc.).

For a Pom to snuggle up with, search online for a rescue organization near you.

If your dog smells...

Dogs smell like dogs, and some smell more than others. Regular bathing and grooming should be enough to keep your dog’s natural fragrance to a pleasant minimum. If not, you may need to change your dog’s diet or see your vet. Some of what may give your dog an unpleasant pong:

Bacterial or fungal infections. Ear infections can emit a pungent smell. So can skin infections, common in dogs with overlapping folds of skin. Dental infections, in addition to being painful and dangerous, can smell like something is rotting.

Diet problems. Food allergies, poor food quality, or a diet high in starches and low in fatty acids can cause dry skin, bad breath, excessive flatulence, and other health-related issues that add to the bad smells around the house.

Overdoing the bath products. Shampoos, powders, and perfume with strong fragrances can irritate your dog’s skin and make matters worse. Stick to natural, gentle formulas.

Who's a good dog?

Your dog knows the treat them to some off-leash playtime with their favorite friends!
  • Battle Creek and High Bridge
    Dog Park:
    We frequent these two awesome parks. Battle Creek is perfect for dogs that like swimming, hiking, and getting filthy! High Bridge is best for dogs that need their space and prefer to stay sparkly clean.
  • 60 minutes of fun: We walk, run, and hike for 60 minutes so your dog will be on the couch with you after work!
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New DDW dogs!

Welcome the following new friends to the DDW family:
Cody Louise

These puppy facts?

Puppies are born blind, deaf, and toothless, but able to smell.

Puppies begin developing permanent teeth around the 12-week mark.

Puppies’ eyes and ears begin to open at 10 to 16 days of age.

Puppies spend on average 14 hours of every day sleeping.

The growth rate of puppies varies widely, depending on the size of the dog. Birth weights can multiply more than tenfold within the first 7 to 8 weeks.

Puppies go through several developmental stages early in life: neonatal (0-2 weeks), transitional (2-4 weeks), socialization (3-12 weeks), and adolescence (6-18 months).

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